Basement and Foundation Repair Services:

CRC provides a variety of basement and foundation repair services to suit our specific need. Here’s your chance to learn more!

Concrete Raising and Grouting
CRC Concrete Raising Corp of Wisconsin offers the services of concrete raising (commonly known as mudjacking), void filling, soil stabilization, Polyurethane injection, pressure grouting and other various forms of cement grouting. If the concrete slab is otherwise intact, this repair provides fast completion times and significant cost savings over replacement. Please visit our Concrete Raising website for more details.



Concrete Replacement
Some concrete is too fragmented (multiple cracks) or spalled (flaking or peeling) to revive with repair methods. In that case, concrete replacement is the best long term solution to the problem. CRC will remove the old unusable concrete section/s and replace it with new concrete surface that will properly align to the surrounding areas or rest of the foundation.




Crack Repair
Foundation cracks are often the first sign of problems and sometimes go unnoticed if your basement has finished walls. CRC is an expert in providing basement crack repairs. Depending on the cause and severity of the crack, Our skilled technicians can use multiple types of resins to inject cracks, holes, and other porous areas. Exclusively-formulated products are used to permanently waterproof and/or repair your concrete foundation issues.


Drain Tile – Inspection, Testing, and Repair
Water will always take the path of least resistance. Properly functioning drain tile is designed to create an area of low pressure (little resistance) to facilitate the flow of water to a sump crock or away from your home. Clogged or plugged drain tile results in an increased area of hydrostatic pressure, which in turn forces water to migrate through basement walls, joints, and cracks.



Egress Windows
In addition to providing natural light to basement areas, egress windows are required and installed in lower level sleeping rooms so that occupants can exit, and/or emergency (rescue) personnel can enter. As part of a foundation system, egress windows have special requirements for installation and maintenance. Basement Egress Windows have special requirements, as they must be able to be fully opened without obstruction. If you are in need of egress window installation or care, call CRC for a consultation.


Concrete Raising Corporation (CRC) provides excavation services as needed to assist in alleviating external hydrostatic pressure, or to allow for access for repairs. Depending upon the severity of the bowed or cracked basement walls, outside excavation may be required in order to straighten the wall to its initial design.  Excavation is also sometimes necessary as part of the waterproofing process to expose and treat exterior walls.



Foundation Piering
Foundation piers can be used for new or existing construction, and are designed to stabilize (helical) and in some instances, raise (hydraulically-driven) settled structures. For existing structures, piering consists of first excavating the area adjacent to the foundation.  Piers are driven through the soil until they are anchored on a load bearing solid rock base.  The weight of the structure is then secured to the piers.



Steel Reinforcement Beams
Exterior forces (including hydrostatic pressure) will cause a basement wall to crack and begin to buckle or bow inward. In accordance with municipal codes and standards, reinforcement beams (steel columns designed to run vertically between the floor joists and the basement floor) are placed at engineered intervals to reinforce and stabilize the wall. Depending upon the severity of the bowing, outside excavation may be required in order to straighten the wall to its initial design.


Sump Pump Repair and Replacement
Occasionally, a wet basement is the result of a sump pump that has been improperly adjusted, is under-sized, or is no longer working. CRC commonly repairs and installs sump pumps and crocks, in an effort to further alleviate excess water found in the basement areas of buildings.  Sump pumps also require occasional maintenance, which may consist of just a simple cleaning to remove sand, gravel, dirt, and other debris that has collected as water is transferred out of the crock.


Tuckpointing is the term most often used to describe the process of cutting out deteriorated or cracked mortar joints in block or masonry walls to a uniform depth, and filling in those joints with fresh mortar.  Old and new buildings can have block or masonry walls may require tuck pointing when cracks, holes, or voids appear or when the joints is improperly finish.  Our technicians can skillfully remove cracked joints in block foundation walls and repair them to as close as original, as possible.


This is a common repair option that involves: excavation of the outside walls , back plastering of all cracks with cement, installing 2 seal coats of waterproofing hydro mastic tar, installing a plastic vapor barrier and 1 inch foam insulation, installing a new four-inch (4″) ADS exterior drain tile, back filling the excavated area with an engineered lightweight, non-expandable stone, placing a geo-textile membrane on top of the stone to prevent soil contamination, and back filling the remaining trench with ground and cover with finish top soil.

Snow Removal
Concrete surfaces need care in the winter too! Concrete Raising Corporation (CRC) provides snow plowing, snow removal, and de-icing (salting) services to managed properties including, but not limited to: condo associations, school districts, clinics and hospitals, industrial properties, retail locations, corporate offices, shopping centers, and municipalities. Please call for availability in your area.